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How to create a wooden feature wall

Carpenter and DIY lover Denika Coakley shows how to create a feature wall using scraps of wood.

Carpenter and DIY fanatic Denika Coakley uses scrap wood to jazz up a wall in her home

'For little to no cost, in just a couple of hours, you can really cosy up your space,' says Denika Coakley. (Claire Fraser and Halley Davies for CBC)

If you're looking to add a little texture and warmth to a room, carpenter Denika Coakley has just the project for you. 

Denika, a self-described DIY fanatic, created this wall in her Dartmouth home out of scrap wood from furniture projects.

You could also use new wood, pallet boards or trim. 

Learn how to create a wooden feature wall. Video by Claire Fraser and Halley Davies. 2:22

Video by Claire Fraser and Halley Davies. 


No need to worry if you don't have a table saw. Denika says most hardware stores will cut wood for you. 

Denika Coakley (left) with videographers Halley Davies (middle) and Claire Fraser (right). (Claire Fraser for CBC)