Nova Scotia

Digby vigil shows support for Halliday

Friends and family of Philip Halliday held a candlelight vigil in Digby, N.S. Halliday is being held in jail in Spain until his trial next month.

A Digby resident is being held in a Spanish jail until his trial next month

One hundred people made their way to the Digby waterfront Friday night to show their support for Philip Halliday.

It was a waterfront vigil for Halliday, who is awaiting trial on drug smuggling charges in Spain. The 55-year-old was arrested nearly three years ago and next month he and other crew members will finally get a trial.

Friends of Philip Halliday turned out to light candles and offer their support for Philip's release.

Halliday was arrested after police intercepted a former Coast Guard ship carrying 1,000 kilograms of cocaine worth $600 million. The drugs were concealed under a bolted trap door. Since the bust,14 people from Britain and Colombia have been jailed for importing drugs to Spain.

Halliday's wife says her husband didn't know drugs were onboard and he's anxious to tell his story.

"The lawyers say he has a good chance of being exonerated," said Sheree Halliday. "I believe he will receive a fair trial."

Sheree Halliday had to sell the family's house to pay for legal bills.

The same group at the Digby vigil successfully lobbied Ottawa to obtain medical treatment for Halliday in Spain.

Halliday's friends believe he did nothing wrong.

"Wrong place, wrong time," said Don Amero. "I've been in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"I believe he's innocent and I will be glad to have him home," said Lori Presceski.

If Halliday is convicted, the sentence will be seven years.