David Burke


David Burke is a reporter in Halifax who covers everything from politics to science. His reports have been featured on The National, World Report and As it Happens, as well as the Information Morning shows in Halifax and Cape Breton.

Latest from David Burke

Why millions in undeclared cash flows across the Canadian border each year

Every year, millions of dollars in cash enters and exits Canada stuffed inside envelopes, shirt pockets and bags. But only a tiny fraction is moved by criminals. The rest is transported by average Canadians and visitors who are taking $10,000 or more into or out of the country.

Pandemic restrictions eased for restaurants, bars, public pools in N.S.

Premier Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health, announced a range of restrictions will be lifted as the province continues to have no new cases of COVID-19. 

RCMP officer who shot man during 2018 traffic stop is cleared

An RCMP officer in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley has been cleared of wrongdoing after he shot a man in the hand during a traffic stop in 2018, an incident that shut down part of Highway 101 for almost 40 hours.

Truck carrying propane tanks catches fire and explodes in Debert

A truck with a flatbed trailer carrying more than a thousand propane tanks caught fire in Debert, N.S., Sunday night, creating a scene of flames and explosions the local fire chief calls the most intense he's ever witnessed.

As cash use falls victim to the pandemic, it's also hurting society's most vulnerable

The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the already-declining use of cash in Canada as more people have switched to using debit and credit cards, and that change is hurting people whose livelihoods depend on cash.

From laundry to cleaning, military willing to pay for creative solutions to pandemic problems

The Department of National Defence is offering up $15 million to innovators who can help it better cope with the coronavirus. 

N.S. woman was killed by her own dog while taking it for a walk, RCMP say

One person is dead in what police say was an attack by a dog on its owner. The dog then went on the loose Tuesday morning, prompting RCMP to warn area residents to stay inside, but the animal was later struck and killed by a passing car.

The high cost of not commuting: Halifax bridges lose millions due to COVID-19

Halifax Harbour Bridges says lost revenues due to fewer people commuting is costing them millions of dollars. The bridge commission is putting off some non-essential maintenance work and cutting spending as a result.

How AI and smartwatches can help us cope with COVID-19

Researchers in Nova Scotia and other parts of the country are adapting their unique technical skills to try to help society deal with some problems brought on by COVID-19.

N.S. justice minister supports probe into mass shooting but says province will not lead it

Nova Scotia Justice Minister Mark Furey says some kind of public inquiry, review or commission will be held into the mass killing of 22 people in April, and he's hoping those proceedings will start in the near future.

Hospitals 'overwhelmed' by cyberattacks fuelled by booming black market

Canada's health system is facing unrelenting attacks from cybercriminals, prompting calls for Ottawa to develop national cybersecurity standards for the sector and for an influx of money from the federal government to deal with the issue.

Cancelled cruise season is huge loss for Nova Scotia tourism season

COVID-19 has sunk Nova Scotia's cruise ship season for 2020, taking millions of dollars out of the local economy.

Statistics Canada to collect data on origins of guns used in crime

Statistics Canada has started a project to increase the amount of information collected on guns used in crime.

Nova Scotians no longer limited to 30-day prescriptions as dispensing rules relax

Nova Scotia pharmacies are once again allowed to give patients more than a 30-day supply of medication. Drugs that have a stable supply will be able to be distributed in the quantities prescribed, said the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists.

COVID-19 restrictions help fuel increased demand for cardboard boxes

The simple cardboard box, often ignored in favour of the contents it holds, is helping Canadians stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To help keep goods moving around the country, millions more boxes are being produced.