David Burke


David Burke is a reporter in Halifax who covers everything from politics to science. His reports have been featured on The National, World Report and As it Happens, as well as the Information Morning shows in Halifax and Cape Breton.

Latest from David Burke

How Big Tancook Island manages emergencies without a single paramedic

A team of six volunteer medical first responders have long stepped up to save the lives of friends and family on the island off southern Nova Scotia. It's a rewarding but also gruelling job.

Candidates are scrubbing their digital pasts, but is that ethical?

Some candidates running for office have taken to erasing unwanted bits of their online history, while some political hopefuls shut down social media accounts. But is it the ethical thing to do?

Lack of Canadian standards for automated systems in cars worries advocates

Thousands of vehicles are on Canadian roadways with a range of driver assistance features like automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. But Transport Canada has no uniform standards for these technologies.

Dartmouth church polling station location questioned as pastor is a candidate

Some voters say they're not comfortable with Elections Canada setting up a polling station at a church in the Nova Scotia riding of Dartmouth-Cole Harbour. The polling station is in Regal Heights Baptist Church, where Conservative candidate Jason Cole is the lead pastor.

How Canadian investigators use DNA to track down contaminated food

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency can now track down dangerous bacteria and other pathogens faster and more conclusively than ever before by decoding the genetic information of organisms like salmonella, Listeria and E. coli.  

Why you might see a firefighter before a paramedic during a medical emergency

Medical emergencies are quickly outpacing the number of fire calls that some Nova Scotia fire departments respond to, as the need for emergency medical care grows across the province.

What Nova Scotia can learn from Sweden's decision to bury many power lines

Swedish power utilities were tasked with cutting down on the number of power outages caused by storms and their solution was to put some power lines underground. The decision has cut down on storm-related outages, but the system does have other downsides.

18-wheelers and a lot of leg work. How grocery stores saved food from Dorian

It took a lot of planning and work to make sure there was fresh and frozen food in grocery stores after Dorian knocked out power to much of Nova Scotia.

New satellite system could make Canadian soldiers safer abroad

A trio of new satellites will allow the Department of National Defence to better monitor areas where it's deploying troops and figure out potential threats soldiers may face before they arrive on foreign soil.

A goat comforted troops in WW I. Now a museum curator wants to find his grave

The chief curator of the Army Museum at the Halifax Citadel is trying to find the grave of a goat called Robert the Bruce, who served as a mascot for a Nova Scotia battalion during the First World War.

The criminal attraction between smugglers, small boats and Nova Scotia's shoreline

Every year, the Canada Border Services Agency stops about a dozen small pleasure craft in Atlantic Canada that have contraband aboard. The agency has found a variety of things on those boats, ranging from drugs and meat, to illegal immigrants.

Conservative nomination process criticized after George Canyon gets the nod

One of the men who competed to be the Conservative candidate in the Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova says the party should not have simply appointed George Canyon as the area's candidate after the original candidate stepped down.

DFO will soon use satellites to fight illegal fishing worldwide

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) will soon be able to find boats in waters anywhere in the world with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to a new satellite system in orbit since June.

How out-of-practice pilots could be contributing to fatal small plane crashes

Forty-five people have died while flying this year, most of whom were on small single-engine aircraft that crashed. A campaign is underway to encourage safety.

Houses and vehicles targeted in 4 drive-by shootings in Colchester County

In the last month, there have been four separate drive-by shootings within 22 kilometres of each other. Homes and vehicles in Debert, Onslow and Onslow Mountain have all been hit by gunfire.