David Burke


David Burke is a reporter in Halifax who covers everything from politics to science. His reports have been featured on The National, World Report and As it Happens, as well as the Information Morning shows in Halifax and Cape Breton.

Latest from David Burke

Houses and vehicles targeted in 4 drive-by shootings in Colchester County

In the last month, there have been four separate drive-by shootings within 22 kilometres of each other. Homes and vehicles in Debert, Onslow and Onslow Mountain have all been hit by gunfire.

Windows smashed, ticket issued as parking job interferes with firefighters

Halifax firefighters had to break a car's windows to gain access to a hydrant, and then thread a hose across the back seats, after fire broke out in a strip mall in the city's south end.

How a passion for pigeon racing is starting to take off in Nova Scotia

The number of people pigeon racing in Nova Scotia has doubled to 12 in the last two years. "Racing pigeons are very addictive and it’s hard to get out of the hobby," says one enthusiast.

'Find them all and just burn them': The fight against illegal guns in N.S.

In 2017 and 2018 police across the province seized more than 2,000 guns. Some are turned into police, but many are also seized from criminals arrested for crimes ranging from robbery to weapons offences.

Why opioid crisis may be contributing to more injuries for long-term care workers

The Nova Scotia Nurses' Union and CUPE say there's an increase in the number of workers being injured by a wave of younger, stronger and more aggressive patients coming into long-term care and residential-care facilities.

How robots could help keep the lights on as climate change worsens

Robots crawling over power lines could be the key to helping Canada’s beleaguered electrical grids deal with the more powerful storms brought on by climate change. 

Why your good night's sleep is so hard on Nova Scotia landfills

Mattresses are a headache for landfill operators because they take up a lot of space, are difficult to compact and fight back when they're broken apart. Every year, Nova Scotians throw away 95,000 of them.

Burnside road's design is 'problematic' and needs fixing, says councillor

After 14 crashes in the past year and a half on a stretch of road in the Burnside Industrial Park, the councillor for the area wants to see the design of the road upgraded.

Health-care workers 'scared' about rise in weapons showing up at hospitals

Both the Nova Scotia Nurses Union and the Canadian Union of Public Employees say their members are seeing more and more patients showing up to hospitals with knives and guns.

New fire marshal's office will aim to prevent fatal fires in Indigenous communities

Homes hollowed out by fire have become an all-too-common sight in Indigenous communities across the country, prompting a plan to create a national Indigenous Fire Marshal's Office to fix glaring gaps in fire prevention programs across Canada. 

Shoplifting and other petty-crime cases are being dropped by courts

Across Canada, people accused of petty crimes like shoplifting, minor assault and fraud are walking free — because the justice system doesn't have time to deal with their cases, as it struggles to move more serious crimes through the courts.

Rare war medals can fetch $150K or more — but do your research before selling, expert says

War medals can be an example of a Canadian's sacrifice to their country "and so to lose that history and to lose that personal connection with those who have gone before us, I think is a sad thing," says the chief curator of the Army Museum at the Halifax Citadel.

Bridgewater wins $5M from federal program to improve energy efficiency

Bridgewater, N.S., has won $5 million from the federal government to help people renovate their homes to be more energy efficient.

Drones can be crucial for search and rescue teams. So why don't we use them more?

Confusing regulations and high costs are keeping some Canadian search and rescue organizations from using drones, even though the devices are described as one of the "greatest tools" in a first responder's tool kit.

How medical marijuana use could make one Nova Scotia man homeless

Philip Bennett broke the rules in his apartment building by smoking and vaping his medical marijuana on his balcony, now he's being kicked out. Because he has little money and needs a place that's wheelchair accessible he hasn't been able to find a new home.