Mission accomplished: This Dartmouth trio celebrated Canada 150 with 150 good deeds

Brent Kerr, Luke Elwood and Mark Decker who live at Hilton Drive Group Home began their kindness campaign in the spring.

The men picked up litter, raked lawns and visited seniors as part of community service project for Canada 150

Brent Kerr, Luke Elwood and Mark Decker helped Luke MacDonald, in blue, sort through donated shoes as part of their 150 acts of kindness. (Colleen Jones/CBC)

Three Dartmouth men have just completed their 150th act of kindness as part of a community service project for Canada 150.

Brent Kerr, Luke Elwood and Mark Decker, who reside at the Hilton Drive Group Home, began their kindness campaign in the spring.

"We worked hard in the community and all three of us did a lot," Decker said.

The trio completed a wide range of tasks, from raking lawns to picking up litter outside of Cole Harbour Place to visiting seniors' homes.

Sorting through shoes

For their final task, they helped collect shoes for those in need; the three men worked with Luke MacDonald, owner of Aerobics First, who also runs a charity called Fit it Forward.

The men helped sort through a huge shipment of new shoes, provided by stores where they had been returned for various reasons. Such footwear usually ends up in landfills.

The 150th act of kindness involved sorting through a mountain of donated new shoes, destined for homeless shelters. (Colleen Jones/CBC)

MacDonald's charity distributes the new shoes to homeless shelters around Halifax and Dartmouth. 

The men spent Tuesday pairing up the shoes — tedious, slow work — for their final challenge.

Energizing and inspiring

Leo MacKenzie helped to facilitate the trio's acts of kindness through a group called Better Together.

"They have great abilities and they want to give back to their communities," MacKenzie said. "And it energizes others and inspires others. It's been awesome."

As a result of their many acts of kindness, the three men have been invited to a Canada 150 awards event on Nov. 16, hosted by Dartmouth-Cole Harbour MP Darren Fisher.

Even though the project is over, the men said they will continue to do good deeds.

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