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Dartmouth school making girl sick: mom

A Dartmouth woman says her daughter's elementary school is making her sick.

Asbestos in school walls of Shannon Park Elementary

A Dartmouth woman says mould and asbestos at her daughter's elementary school is making her ill.

Danielle McLeod's daughter, Gabrielle, is in Grade 2 at Shannon Park Elementary. The seven-year-old has headaches, stomach aches and a constant cough.

McLeod took her daughter to the doctor earlier this month.

"Two weeks ago he called me and told me that he got the results back from the throat swab and it came back positive for mould and asbestos, that she's been breathing it in," she said Tuesday.

Gabrielle's classroom, Room 204, started leaking in early February, causing ceiling tiles to fall down. The students were told to keep their coats on.

Buckets were placed around the room and floor tiles were ripped up.

"You could actually see the mould in the ceilings," said McLeod.

Asbestos in school

The Halifax Regional School Board confirms there is asbestos in the school.

Asbestos, once widely used in construction, has been linked to cancer. But it's dangerous only when fibres are airborne and people inhale them.

"It's actually behind a wall and, again, if it's not disturbed it's fine," said Doug Hadley, a spokesman for the board.

"But we want to get to the bottom of it. We want to make sure the building isn't contributing to anyone's illness."

Room 204 was sealed off. The students were moved to the library and the breakfast room.

Now that the school's roof and Gabrielle's classroom have been repaired, students are moving back in on Friday.

But McLeod said it's too late. Her daughter has been referred to the IWK Health Centre for more tests.