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Dartmouth man's snowflakes gone global

A Dartmouth man is selling designer snowflakes online to people around the world.

A Dartmouth man is selling designer snowflakes online to people around the world.

Dave Stredulinsky started making paper snowflakes as a boy.

"My mother was a teacher interested in arts and crafts and kind of explored making snowflakes and when we were kids, every Christmas and Christmas Eve she would have us snipping out snowflakes and decorating the tree," he told CBC News.

He continued the holiday hobby to decorate his own family's tree.

He scanned the snowflakes into his computer to save them, and then posted a few online to share.

He found a huge appetite for his work as millions of people have visited his website and he sells his designs to crafters, home decorators and even geometry teachers from dozens of countries.

"Basically all over the world. The majority are from the U.S., but I've had customers, a fair number from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, some from Europe, Russia, even China, so it's pretty well worldwide."

"Sometimes I surprise myself. I open it up and find something more pleasing than I expected."

Usually, he sits down with a blank sheet of paper and follows his intuition, but he also takes requests.

He has created more than 500 snowflakes.

They've been used for Christmas cards, metal ornaments, etched glass pieces and even a children's book.

An organization for people with a condition called Sarcoidosis had a special reason to ask for an original.

"Each individual has different symptoms, which fits with no two snowflakes being alike."

Customers print the patterns, follow the instructions and in five to ten minutes have an original decoration.

It's a change of pace from his day job — he's a naval engineer for the Department of National Defence.