Nova Scotia

Dartmouth Cove project presented

The proposed Dartmouth Cove project was presented at Dartmouth Community Council Thursday night.

Will include shopping, recreation, housing and business opportunities

The proposed Dartmouth Cove project includes restaurants, cafes and public art. (The Planning Partnership)

Dartmouth Community Council got a glimpse of a proposed project for Dartmouth Cove last night.

Dartmouth Cove, located between Alderney Drive, Portland and Maitland streets, is currently populated with vacant lots and industrial sites.

However, the site sits next door to King's Wharf, the $300-million business and residential development now underway.

Included in plans unveiled last night are cycling trails, green spaces, a boat launch and a continuous boardwalk along the water.

There are also restaurants, a skating rink, rooftop gardens, a beach, cafes with patios and public art.

It's almost enough to make Halifax envious, according to Harold Madi, a partner at The Planning Partnership — the Toronto-based company hired by the city to come up with a design.

"I think a little envy on both sides of the harbour, is a good thing, because it just means it'll raise the bar," Madi said.

The plans include new condominiums and businesses. (The Planning Partnership)

Councillor Darren Fisher said he’s on board.

"This was my first crack at it and I was really excited. I thought this was some very inspiring urban planning," Fisher said.

There are developers already interested in buying some of the land along the Cove.

Halifax Regional Council still has to approve the plan, and construction will be phased in over the next decade.