Nova Scotia

Dartmouth coach pleads guilty to sex charges

A Dartmouth, N.S., volleyball coach has pleaded guilty to four sex charges.

A Dartmouth volleyball coach has pleaded guilty to four sex charges involving a 17-year-old girl.

Luc Potvin, 53, arrived early at Dartmouth provincial court Wednesday afternoon and told his lawyer Brian Casey to enter a guilty plea to four of the six sex-related charges against him.

In admitting his guilt, Potvin has waived his right to a trial, and also spared his young victim from testifying.

Prosecutor Paul Carver said Potvin entered a guilty plea on one count of luring a child over the internet for a sexual purpose. He also pleaded guilty to a count of sexual exploitation of a young person by a position of trust or authority, making child pornography, and sexual assault.

Potvin's guilty plea means he will definitely spend time in prison, but it will be up to the courts to decide how long. Carver said the sexual assault charge alone carries a minimum penalty of 45 days in prison, up to a maximum of 10 years.

"Whenever an individual accepts responsibility for their conduct, particularly without setting a trial date, and without making witnesses testify — that is something that can certainly be argued as a mitigating factor in terms of their prospects for rehabilitation," said Carver. 

Potvin was a girls' volleyball coach in Dartmouth who worked with the Metro Lakers Volleyball Club, and also coached the girls' volleyball team at Prince Andrew High school in Dartmouth last fall.

Potvin was arrested at his home in Dartmouth May 13 after Halifax Regional Police received a complaint. The charges stem from offences committed between February and May of 2010.

Potvin was released from custody two months ago with a long list of conditions.

He is due back in court for sentencing Sept. 14.

Until then Potvin will continue to live under a strict curfew, and abide by his original conditions. They include surrender of his cellphone and computer, and staying away from areas frequented by children.

The court has given him permission to relocate to an address in New Brunswick until his sentencing date. The courts will deal with the other two counts against Potvin at a later date, once sentencing is complete.