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Dartmouth bus transit terminal lacks outdoor seating

You can buy a lot with $15 million but apparently no benches. Regular bus riders like the new bridge terminal but would like to see some benches.

Metro Transit acknowledges oversight at new facility

There is a lack of outdoor seating at the new bridge terminal in Dartmouth. (CBC)

It's new, looks great and for the most part it's user friendly, unless you'd like to take a seat.

The $15-million Metro Transit Bridge Terminal has many features the old terminal didn't have, such as washrooms, security and an indoor waiting area.

"I'm very surprised," said regular bus user Alice Bayers. "I recommend black metal benches that would stand up to the weather."

There are some outdoor benches but they're located on the roof of the terminal building. That's not exactly the best place to wait if you have to run to catch your bus.

"The benches is probably a bit of an oversight," said Farley Underhill, who said he loves the new terminal. "I think that eventually they will come to their senses and put in some benches."

There is plenty of seating inside the terminal. That's where Metro Transit thought most riders would prefer to wait, but so far that isn't the case.

"It's good if you're waiting for a long time," said Metro Transit spokesperson Tiffany Chase. "But if you only have a few minutes to wait as far as I know no one waits inside. We're definitely going to look at it."

Chase said benches are definitely coming for the shelters. But the wait will be longer for seating near the bus bays.

"We will look at where we can safely accommodate some more seating and if we can, we certainly will do so," said Chase.

The plan is to wait until next spring and perhaps install benches once it's clearer where people prefer to wait.