Nova Scotia

Dartmouth autobody shops hit by arson

Two autobody shops on the 300 block of Prince Albert Road in Dartmouth were hit by arson early Friday morning that destroyed two vehicles.

Two autobody shops on the 300 block of Prince Albert Road in Dartmouth were hit by arson early Friday morning.

A total of five vehicles were damaged by fire at around 4:30 a.m. Friday. Two of those were completely destroyed.

A Volvo station wagon, in for some work at Yuille Auto Works, was torched.

Just around the corner, a company truck at Napa Auto Parts was also totalled as the fire ripped through the engine and cab quickly. The fire was so hot it also melted another delivery car parked next to it. 

Stan Boyd, the owner of the company, said vandals have targeted his business before, but nothing quite like this. 

He said whoever set the fire should think long and hard about their actions.

"We employ quite a few people and for all of us it's a hardship. You know, if I have two vehicles down, there's two drivers I probably can't pay today because I can't use them," Boyd said.

While he was upset by the fire, Boyd was taking it all in stride. 

But at Yuille Auto Works, Nick Lawrence was a little more worked up.

"Obviously there's anger. You know, the first thing you say is, 'If I could catch those bastards…' and I think anyone would obviously have that reaction, he said.

Neither business has a security system. But as part of their investigation police will be reviewing video from a camera mounted at an intersection just metres from the fires.

Lawrence said he's a little worried about how the public will interpret the fire.

"People driving by are going to give us the benefit of a doubt. But there are still going to be people who drive by and see this kind of thing and think, 'What did these people do to deserve that, what did they do to make someone that angry?'" he said.

There was no damage to any other structures.

Halifax Regional Police are investigating the fires.