Danielle d'Entremont

Reporter/Editor CBC North

Danielle d'Entremont is a reporter and editor for the CBC in Yellowknife.  Most recently she worked as a national news reader for CBC Toronto, but has also worked for CBC Nova Scotia in her hometown of Halifax. When she isn't chasing stories she is on the search for the best hiking trails around town. 

Latest from Danielle d'Entremont

Yellowknife shelters worried about 'critical issue' of COVID-19 capacity limits in winter

This year, it will be harder than usual to find a spot to sleep at shelters in the city, as they have limited capacity due to COVID-19-related public health orders.

Northern Indigenous artists raise money to support Mi'kmaw fishers in Nova Scotia

A group of Indigenous artists in the Northwest Territories is raising money to support Mi'kmaw fishers in Nova Scotia.

How dancers feel about return to work in Canada's 'Northernmost' strip club

Canada's 'Northernmost' strip club allows dancers back again, creating opportunities for southern dancers after months of paperwork.

Yellowknife's Armenian community gathers to raise awareness over conflict

The Armenian community in Yellowknife gathered on Saturday in front of the N.W.T. legislature to raise awareness about what is happening in their home country right now.

Yellowknives Dene First Nation hands out eviction notices on Yellowknife Bay

The Yellowknives Dene First Nation has handed out eviction notices to houseboaters anchored on the nation’s side of Yellowknife Bay. 

'Extremely strong concerns' over Russia's LGBTQ record as country bids on Arctic Winter Games

Russia could host the circumpolar Arctic Winter Games in six years, which would bring in youth from across the North to participate in the sporting event. For some, the country's record on LGBTQ rights is ringing alarm bells.

Non-resident tests positive for COVID-19 while in Yukon

A non-resident has tested positive for COVID-19 while in Yukon and is the first case to be hospitalized in the territory, according to the territory’s chief medical officer.

'It was really disgusting': 2 cases of bedbugs reported at N.W.T. isolation hotels

The territorial government says they are aware of two reports of bedbugs at two different isolation centres in the past month.

What the Arctic's rapid transition into a 'new climate' looks like

On Monday, a study of Arctic conditions was published saying the Arctic region has started to transition into a new climate regime altogether.

Délı̨nę marks life of beloved leader and community member

The community of Délı̨nę,N.W.T., will have a funeral on Monday to mark the life of beloved community member and leader George Cleary.

Inuvik Fire Department to host volunteer recruitment session

The Inuvik Fire Department is hosting a recruitment session on Wednesday night, at a time when the importance of volunteering in the community is being highlighted.

N.W.T. government provides more details on how schools will respond to COVID-19 cases

Students and staff will have to monitor for symptoms daily, and rooms will be set aside for kids who develop symptoms in class, according to a new bulletin from the territory's Education department.

N.W.T. premier, most MLAs silent after minister demoted

The premier and most MLAs of the Northwest Territories are staying tight-lipped after Minister Katrina Nokleby was stripped of her portfolios Wednesday.

Downtown Yellowknife building could be turned into temporary day shelter

The city of Yellowknife is consulting with local business owners before deciding whether or not to approve a city-owned building downtown being used as a temporary day shelter.

NASA drops 'colonial' nicknames for distant cosmic objects

A nebula and a pair of galaxies will now be referred to by a string of numbers as NASA reviews “insensitive” and “actively harmful” nicknames.