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Dalhousie releasing report on dentistry Facebook scandal

Dalhousie University will release a report on its faculty of dentistry students' Facebook scandal on Friday.

Update comes after restorative justice process

Dalhousie University hasn't said how many members of the class are graduating this spring. (CBC)

Dalhousie University will release a report on its faculty of dentistry students' Facebook scandal on Friday. 

Fourth-year students in Dalhousie's dentistry school discussed issues of misogyny and sexual harassment during a restorative justice process after a private Facebook group known as the Class of 2015 DDS Gentleman's Club was made public. 

Dalhousie did not say what the report would cover. 

CBC News obtained screenshots of the group's sexually explicit posts in December.

In one post, members were polled and asked, "Who would you hate f--k?" They were given two names to vote on.

By January, the restorative justice process had begun, although it did not include all fourth-year students. 

Earlier this week, the university declined to answer direct questions about how many of the Facebook club members are on the graduation list this spring.

Based on screen grabs from the DDS Gentleman's Facebook page, CBC concludes that just two of the 13 members are on the convocation list so far. More names could still be added.

After graduation, it's up to state and provincial dental boards to decide who gets a licence and under what conditions they can practise.

The Nova Scotia legislature amended the rules last month to allow the Dental Board of Nova Scotia to prescribe supervision or additional classes for dentists.