Convicted killer William Sandeson wants computer back for 'sentimental' reasons

Convicted killer William Sandeson went back to court Thursday morning to ask a judge to order Nova Scotia's Public Prosecution Service to return to him his laptop.

The Crown continues to keep the computer as evidence, saying it may need it for Sandeson's appeal

William Sandeson is serving a first-degree murder sentence in the death of Taylor Samson. Taylor's body was never recovered. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

Convicted killer William Sandeson went back to court Thursday morning to ask Nova Scotia's Public Prosecution Service to return his computer. 

Sandeson, a former Dalhousie University medical student, made the request in a video hearing, telling the court that information on the computer had "sentimental" value.

He didn't say exactly what he meant.

The computer was seized during the investigation into the death of Dalhousie University student Taylor Samson. A jury convicted Sandeson of first-degree murder in June 2017 following the man's disappearance. 

Samson's body has never been found. 

Sandeson is appealing his murder conviction. 

He's also been involved in a subsequent legal battle. Earlier this year, he took Dylan Zinck-Selig to small claims court after his former roommate admitted he took some of Sandeson's homemade wine and two pairs of sneakers after police searched the pair's apartment. 

The court awarded Sandeson $700. 

The judge Thursday, however, said he was uncertain whether he had jurisdiction to hear Sandeson's request given the appeal request. 

The Crown argued that Sandeson's computer cannot be released as it could be considered evidence if that appeal goes ahead. 

The prosecution instead offered to provide a copy of the computer's hard drive to Sandeson's father. While Sandeson accepted that suggestion, he argued that he wants the machine itself. 

The hearing will resume Aug. 9.