Nova Scotia

Cape Breton police officer found guilty of domestic assault

Judge Peter Ross said Kristopher Planetta's occupation did not factor into the trial.

Const. Kristopher Planetta suspended from force pending Police Act investigation

A suspended Cape Breton Regional Police officer has been found guilty of 2 counts of domestic assault. (Robert Doublett/CBC)

A suspended Cape Breton Regional Police officer has been found guilty of two counts of domestic assault involving his former wife.

Const. Kristopher Karl Planetta was charged in October 2018 after complaints were made by the woman.

According to court documents, the couple has since separated. 

In a decision released Friday, Judge Peter Ross found that stresses of work and child care "undoubtedly contributed" to the couples' troubles.

Woman testified about assaults

During the trial, the woman testified that Planetta grabbed her arms and pulled her backward onto the floor in 2017 following an argument over a crying child.

In another incident near the couple's front door in 2018, she testified that Planetta shoved her, swore at her, and uttered a vulgar slur. 

Planetta admitted on cross-examination that he did push the woman outside the home but only in order to get a child, the couple's dog and himself back inside. 

Ross said he found the woman to be a credible and reliable witness, while Planetta's version of the events contained "inherent implausibilities and inconsistencies."

Ross also noted that Planetta's occupation drew some attention to the case, but said it did not factor into the trial.

Officer remains suspended

Desiree Magnus, a spokesperson for the police force, said Planetta remains on suspension pending the outcome of a Police Act investigation.

That investigation will resume once the criminal proceedings are complete.

Planetta is expected to return to court June 23 for sentencing.