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Six dynamic speakers take the stage at inaugural TEDxHaboursidePark event

A dynamic range of speakers will lend their thought-provking perspectives to the inaugural TEDxHarboursidePark event in St. John’s on Saturday, May 29 at 7 p.m. – and you can watch it virtually. 

Show will also be streamed virtually from St. John’s on May 29

Six speakers will lend their thought-provoking perspectives to the inaugural TEDxHarboursidePark event in St. John's on Saturday, May 29 at 7 p.m. – and you can watch it virtually. 

Working under the theme Creating Space, the six speakers are positioned to share a lesson, invention, talent or opportunity intended to generate hope, excitement and critical thought.

From exercise science to union advocacy, wealth and innovation management, music and yes – even rocket science and space exploration – the speakers tackle topics that are sure to spark deep discussion and conversation.

Meet the Speakers 

The TEDxHarboursidePark speakers are, clockwise, from top left: Raïsa Mirza (director of innovation & knowledge management, One Drop Foundation); Nicole Hand (professional musician, multi-instrumentalist, educator); Bethany Downer (science communications and public outreach professional, future astronaut); Jessica McCormick (communications and research officer, Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees); Mike Wahl (adjunct professor, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University) and Emily King (wealth and abundance coach). (TEDxHarboursidePark)
Artist Adam Myatt unveils his interpretation of the TEDxHarboursidePark's speakers' topics in this series of artwork. Each piece corresponds to the order of speakers above. (Adam Myatt)

The theme: Creating space

"Creating space can look like many things to many people, which enables our show to open the doors to unexpected and innovative ideas to be shared from the stage," says Anna Smith, Team Lead and License Holder for TEDxHarboursidePark.

"We occupy – or seek entrance to – different spaces throughout our lives. In one breath, the concept of 'space' speaks to safety, acknowledgement, and acceptance; in the next, boundaries, borders, and norms, to be challenged, deconstructed, and redefined," explains Smith.

"The physical and non-physical spaces around us shape us collectively and individually. By fostering conversations about how we create space, we hope to embrace the transformation of privilege into grace and amplify diverse voices as the catalysts of change"

Don-E Coady returns to the TEDx stage as co-host with Precious Familusi (co-founder of Black Lives Matter N.L.). Performances throughout the night include dancers Tendai Mudunge, Setayesh Behnamfar and Charliza Slusher, and the St. John's Deaf Choir

The TEDxHarbourside Park event will be co-hosted by Precious Familusi, left, and Don-E Coady. (TEDxHarboursidePark)

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