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East Coast Poetry Club: J.G. Lutes

The East Coast Poetry Club is a 12-week project in which we share a poem by an East Coast writer, along with some personal insights on the work. This week, J.G. Lutes shares a poem called “All We Want Is Some Magic”.

J.G. Lutes shares a poem about always wanting more.


Welcome back to the East Coast Poetry Club. This is the eleventh and penultimate week of the project, in which we share a poem and first-person insights from a local poet. This week, J.G. Lutes is sharing a poem that explores feelings of jealousy and misplaced self worth

Growing up I was like many kids; exposed to Christmas wish lists, sexy ads, and never ending displays of what "it could be like", if only. 

We're being programmed and it's almost like we enjoy it. All of the exterior influences we expose ourselves to typically paint an unrealistic view of life. Then we want the thing we're looking at, and know it's not true at the same time. 

While writing this collection I was working a job I hated. It seemed to constantly be in my head that we all want to be the TV family. It looks so magical. The fluffy dog who's always on point, the perfect house, and shiny car just waiting in the driveway. I imagine this family flying around the world, an airplane waiting to take them anywhere, perfectly wrapped gifts awaiting them at their destination. 

"All We Want Is Some Magic" considers where we find our self worth. 

All We Want Is Some Magic

there is this fantastical world 
we create in our heads 
when we see 
something material 
and lovely 

a beautiful house 
desirable car 

or something like a beautiful house or desirable car 

we fantasize 

about how attractive 
those people are 
how wonderful 
their children are 

the elaborate vacations they take 

they have a beautifully groomed dog 
with the right name 

tremendous parties 
and they live carefree.

Each week, in addition to sharing a poem and first-person reflections from the author, East Coast Poetry Club provides questions about the poem for readers to reflect upon. This week's questions are:

  • How does this poem make you feel about the filtered feeds of your social media timelines? 
  • Lutes says "All We Want Is Some Magic" considers where we find our self worth. Have your experiences in 2020 so far caused you to reconsider where you find self worth?

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About the Author

J.G. Lutes


Jeremy (J.G.) Lutes was born and raised in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. He finds writing an outlet to share his personal ideas. Jeremy appreciates family, friendship, and other risks.