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East Coast Poetry Club: Bee Stanton

This week, Halifax artist Bee Stanton shares a short poem inspired by living by the ocean, faith, and the artistic process.

Artist Bee Stanton shares a short poem about the ocean, and her own insights into it.

Welcome back to the East Coast Poetry Club. This is the eighth week of the project, in which we share a poem and first-person insights from a local poet. This week, artist Bee Stanton is sharing a short poem inspired by living by the ocean. 

Artist Bee Stanton's work is inspired by Maritime life. (Bee Stanton)

To me, the ocean is as comforting as it is terrifying. And I can't imagine life without it. I grew up taking it for granted; seeing, smelling, hearing it every day. College took me further inland and I was terribly homesick. It wasn't until a day trip to the nearest shore that I realized just what I was longing for the most.

Since then, the sea has been my muse. Creating art inspired by the salt air brings me a sense of joy and peace that I can't describe. And somewhere along the way, I realized that same joy and peace came from another muse, my faith.

Just like the ocean, my God is mighty, powerful, a force to be reckoned with. And yet, he is also kind and gentle, provoking a calm beyond understanding. 

With that in mind, one blustery day sitting on the rocks by a cold dark sea, I created this piece. My hands were numb and my hair and face were wet with sea spray. It was euphoric. And yet, I could feel the same on a calm day. Water like glass, blinding in the sunlight. A gentle lap of the tide, the occasional call of a gull. 

Beautiful in any form.

(Bee Stanton Creative)

Fury & Serenity

How awesome
a thing must be,
that it is
just as
in all its 
as it is in

Each week, in addition to sharing a poem and first-person reflections from the author, East Coast Poetry Club provides questions about the poem for readers to reflect upon. This week's questions are:

  • How has living by the ocean shaped your life?

  • What does the duality of fury and serenity mean during this moment in time?

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Bee Stanton


Bee Stanton is a graphic designer, illustrator, and hand lettering artist based in Halifax. Her work is inspired by the East Coast and everything nautical. Bee puts it best - "I draw the things I want to say." Her work has been seen everywhere from the glossy pages of Teen Vogue to the blue glass bottles of Steinhart Gin.