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East Coast Poetry Club: Abena "Beloved Green" Tuffour

Abena “Beloved Green” Tuffour’s poem is a raw account of struggle and a personal pep talk. She wrote it during a dark period and hopes others will feel inspired to develop self-compassion after reading it.

In the tenth instalment of this series, Abena Beloved Green shares vulnerability and wisdom.


Welcome back to the East Coast Poetry Club. This is the tenth week of the project, in which we share a poem and first-person insights from a local poet. This week, Abena "Beloved Green" Tuffour is sharing a poem that she hopes resonates with people who have depression or anxiety, and especially BIPOC who are dealing with collective and individual PTSD.

Inspiration and Meaning

(Submitted by Abena Beloved Green Tuffour)

I wrote this during a time when I had been feeling extremely low – mentally and spiritually – for a while and was tired of feeling this way. I wanted to pep talk myself into finding ways to be present, and content enough, and clear. 

This poem is about being determined to switch gears and take action in your own body and mind on a simple level to start shifting yourself out of constant isolation and discouragement (which is ironic now because COVID-19 and quarantine). 

I don't want to promote superficial positivity that says to smile the struggles away but I do believe in being your own coach when you can and saying, "Come on Boo, we can do this." With the last line, I was being both serious and playful…perhaps about how much striving we do.

Get Up, We're Going Out

Pull all the yesses you can pull from your bones 
Tell them get dressed 
You are going out to greet the sun 
You are going to the bank 
You are going to donate old books to the shop
Across the street from the Dollar Tree
So you can get money back and buy more books. 
The bibliophile's circle of life. 

You are going to invite a friend for tea
You will meet in a public place so that you can
leave the house and then, 
leave the scene when your social energy has run out. 

You are going to the flooded park next to the bay 
You are going to pretend 
you are young Mary from the Secret Garden 
You loved that book because the garden seemed so magical. 
But you are not Mary
You are you, 
You are living in a time of climate change
And recorded racism 
Pandemics and protests
Stuff's too real to be magical 
Yet, something about it is unbelievable. 

You are you 
And you are 
Like it
Or not. 
You are hunting for peace and you will find it. 
You will create it. 
You are going to send those thank you notes. 
You are going to submit that proposal 
You are going to go to physio 
You are going to make supper with more veggies than rice. 
You are going to eat the mother loving rainbow tonight. 

What I Hope People Will Take from "Get Up We're Going Out"

I want them to ask themselves, do I need to be still right now or do I need to move? Sometimes, we need to relax and be still because we are always busy and expecting. Other times, it helps to move. This could mean creative movement or going outside, or heck, being part of a collective movement for the betterment of humanity. 

I want people to build their own lists, repositories of things that make them feel calm, lighter, purposeful, and connected. I want people with depression and anxiety to develop more self-compassion. This is especially important in our current times of literal murder and mayhem where so many BIPOC are dealing with collective and individual PTSD. 

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About the Author

Abena “Beloved Green” Tuffour is an award-winning poet, freelance writer, and dancer. She uses spoken word to create, engage, and elevate. Her poems address cultural, social, and environmental issues, relationships, and reflect on everyday life as a small-town raised, semi-nomadic, first-generation Canadian. Her first book, The Way We Hold On, was published by Pottersfield Press in 2018.