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Earth Day Viewing: 4 Short Docs that Educate and Entertain

Learn about honeybees, endangered turtles, and more with these local short documentaries produced for the classic Maritime show Land and Sea.

These episodes of Land and Sea can be streamed for free on CBC Gem any time.

April 22, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. One way to celebrate at home is to take some time to learn about ecological struggles and triumphs right here in our own backyard. We've rounded up four episodes of our favourite episodes of Land and Sea, each with an environmental focus.

Clear Cut Community

(Land and Sea / CBC)

This recent episode of Land and Sea introduces us to a group of men who've set up an off-grid homestead and farm on land in Nova Scotia's Annapolis County that had formerly been clear cut. 

In the documentary, resident Deryk Eagles describes his philosophy of self-sufficiency and respecting land. "Paying attention to the land, not trying to make the land do something it wouldn't do on its own...not fighting it, not trying to turn it into something against its nature, but just working inside of that and allowing it to give you what it can give you."

Watch "Clear Cut Community" on Gem.



Worldwide habitat loss, climate change, pests, and pesticides all threaten the survival of bees. In this episode, we meet several beekeepers in the Maritimes who are working to make sure their honeybees not just survive, but thrive. It's integral to the survival of the agriculture industry as well. 

For example, blueberry bushes struggle to produce fruit without the help of pollinators. "Pollinators such as bumblebees aren't always plentiful," explains host Tom Murphy, "So it's up to beekeepers to build up the workforce to bring pollen from plant to plant."

Watch "Honeybees" on Gem.

Blanding Turtles

Blanding Turtles are an endangered species in Nova Scotia, and if they vanish it will have a serious impact on the ecosystem where they live. But luckily they have a group of champions working hard to keep them around. Including Carter Feltham, who has been a volunteer conservationist since she was eight years old.

"As a young mind, I was so enthralled by nature," Carter says. Now Carter works with Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute. "The fact that I actually get the chance to make some difference in some species is so big to me." 

Watch "Blanding Turtles" on Gem.

Ocean Devotion

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This documentary follows the townspeople of Lunenburg, N.S. who've come together to protect the ocean from plastic pollution. From community beach cleanups to transitioning to reusable cloth shopping bags, the town has pulled together to make small but meaningful changes.

Watch "Ocean Devotion" on Gem.