Don't Miss These 10 East Coast Records in 2020

East Coast Music Hour identifies 10 albums to get excited about this year.

We’re getting new music from Rose Cousins, Aquakultre, Quote the Raven, and more

Grab your headphones, folks. 2020 is going to be an epic year for East Coast jams.

Bill Roach from East Coast Music Hour recently dedicated a whole episode to the 10 albums he's most excited about in 2020 and the list has got us dancing with joy. Check out East Coast Music Hour on CBC Listen to hear a single from each album he selected

And, here's the list in chronological order.

Holy F--k

January 17

The band Holy F--k might be based in Toronto these days, but their roots are in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. They've already released two singles from their upcoming fifth album "Deleter" and we don't have to wait long to hear the rest. Bill played "Free Gloss" and said, "There's a bit of a '90s-influenced dance track...the energy and the intensity of Holy F--k are still there, but it's not quite as dark as we've come to expect from the band." 

Kim Harris

January 31

From Kim Harris's upcoming album "Heirloom", Bill played "Once You Were Wondrous". On the show,  Bill mentioned that Harris performed this song along with two others in CBC Halifax's Studio 60 back in 2018. Check out the video below.


February 7

Bill opened the episode with Halifax band Beauts' single "Good Measure". Their first full-length album drops next month.

Rose Cousins

February 21

On the show, Bill mentioned that Rose Cousins has already dropped two singles from her upcoming album Bravado. "And boy, those two singles are very different from one another," Bill says. Her first single, "The Benefits of Being Alone" is upbeat and poppy with great horns. On this episode of ECMH, Bill plays "The Fraud", a ballad in which Cousins is backed by the Atlantic String Machine.

Jennah Barry

March 27

Last fall, Barry joined East Coast Music Hour in Pictou for the show's The Story and the Song series. "We've already heard three singles to this one and they're all wonderful," Bill said. Those singles are "Roller Disco", "The Real Moon", and "Pink Grey Blue". In this episode, Bill played the live recording of "Pink Grey Blue" from the Pictou performance.

Quiet Parade
The Will to Weather the Storm

April 17

The first single from Halifax band Quiet Parade's new album is "Young Hearts", a song with lyrics about "old friends" that will tug at you nostalgic heartstrings. 


May 8

(Nathaniel Cole)

Bill played "Pay it Forward", the second single from Aquakultre's upcoming album "Legacy". "This is the album that came out of Aquakultre's win when they were in the 2018 CBC Searchlight contest," said Bill. Since winning Searchlight, Aquakultre's grown from a solo act to a full band. 

Rachel Beck
Stronger Than You Know

June 12

The first video single from Rachel Beck's upcoming album "Stronger Than You Know" doesn't drop until January 17. But we got lucky! Bill chatted with the PEI singer-songwriter via phone during the show. "You know what? The East Coast Music Hour is absolutely my favourite, so I'm going to let you premiere my first single a couple weeks early," Beck said. "It's called 'Warrior' and it's a song I wrote for my daughter Nora." Beck said the song imagines the kind of woman she might grow up to be.

Sherman Downey
New Beautiful

Date TBA

Right now, Corner Brook musician Sherman Downey's upcoming album "New Beautiful" is simply "coming soon", so stay tuned for a release date. "The first two singles have been fantastic," Bill said. On the show, he played "The Sun in Your Eyes."

Quote the Raven
Album Title & Date TBA

Newfoundland band Quote the Raven rounds out the 10 albums East Coast Music Hour is excited about in 2020, but we don't have a date or an album title just yet. "All we do know is that Quote the Raven are back in the studio with Chris Kirby in the producer's chair, and there will be a new album from the duo before the year is through," Bill said. In the meantime, he played their hit "Laser Beam". 

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