Celebrating Creative Arts in Indigenous Culture

The artwork is a celebration of the rich history and vibrant future of creative arts within Indigenous communities on the East Coast.

This artwork by Patuo’kn was created for @CBC_EastCoast in honour of Indigenous Peoples Day

A poster has been unveiled on the Instagram account CBC East Coast in honour of Indigenous Peoples Day. 

The artwork, created by Patuo'kn, is a celebration of the rich  history and vibrant future of creativity in East Coast Indigenous communities. ⁣

The artwork reflects both traditional arts, and contemporary endeavours. A few famous faces are featured. See if you can spot Ursula Johnson, Jeremy Dutcher, Jordan Bennett, Jade Byard-Peek, and the Grassroots Grandmothers. (Patuo’kn)

Patuo'kn is an illustration and design business owned by two sisters in Mi'kma'ki, Kassidy and Kaylyn Bernard. Patuo'kn, pronounced /bah • doo • whoa • gin/ means 'driftwood'.⁣ 

CBC East Coast is dedicated to arts and culture on the East Coast. Over the past year, Indigenous folks from communities on the East Coast have produced incredible music, poetry, art, films, and other creative works. Here are six pieces from CBC East Coast to check out: