Montreal-produced film wins season 13 of Short Film Face Off

Congratulations to Mahalia Melts In The Rain — and directors Emilie Mannering and Carmine Pierre-Dufour of Montreal — winner of Season 13 of Short Film Face Off.

Mahalia Melts In The Rain takes top prize worth $40,000

Congratulations to Mahalia Melts In The Rain — and directors Emilie Mannering and Carmine Pierre-Dufour of Montreal — winner of Season 13 of Short Film Face Off.

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Mahalia Melts In The Rain is the Season 13 winner of Short Film Face Off. (Short Film Face Off)







CBC's Short Film Face Off is back in October for four jam-packed episodes featuring some of Canada's best short films. Who will win the 13th season of the Face Off? Find out by streaming the series on CBC Gem beginning Oct. 3. You can also watch on CBC TV, Saturdays at  7 p.m. across the country (8 p.m. in the Maritimes and parts of Labrador and 8:30 p.m. NT).

OCTOBER 3 - Episode One

BREAKAWAY - Director: Jenny Lee-Gilmore  (Vancouver)
Set in 1970's Vancouver, Breakaway follows 11-year-old Sammy, an ice hockey obsessed Chinese Canadian girl. She has dreams of one day playing ice hockey, but her responsibilities at home and bullying older brother get in the way.  

BAD MORNING - Director: Adam DeViller (Halifax)

Two unscrupulous salesmen get more than they bargained for when they try to take advantage of a little old lady. 

MAHALIA MELTS IN THE RAIN - Directors: Carmine Pierre-Dufour + Emilie Mannering (Montreal)

Mahalia, a timid, nine-year-old Black girl, feels different from the other girls in her ballet class. Hoping to boost her confidence, her mother brings her to the hair salon to get her hair straightened for the very first time.

October 10 - Episode Two

YOUR MOTHER IS A THIEF - Director: Marie Josee Saint Pierre (Montreal)

 An unique animated film on the psychological violence of parental alienation.

GUSTAV, THE SNOW CHEF - Director: Kelley Caseley (PEI)

His search for culinary excellence "snows no bounds". 

MEASURE - Director: Karen Chapman (Toronto)

 A young boy's journey through grief.

October 17 - Episode Three

MELODY - Director: Anna Wheeler (Newfoundland)

Two young women find themselves in an impossible situation. With no one to turn to and against all odds, the pair take the road trip of their lives.

I KNOW HER - Director: Fawzia Mirza (Toronto)
In the afterglow of a seemingly fated hookup, two women realize that perhaps they have a little too much in common.
GIANT BEAR - Producer: Louise Flaherty (Iqaluit)

A timeless Inuit legend about a solitary hunter, a giant polar bear and their daunting foes: each other. 

October 24 - The Finale

The audience votes for their favourite film and the winner is revealed!

Join host Steve Patterson along with panelists Eli Glasner, Amanda Parris and Mohit Rajhans, who discuss the creative and technical aspects of the films. This panel will choose the three finalists and the viewing audience will ultimately vote for the top film.

The winning film receives the Telefilm Short Film Face Off Award, a cash award of $30,000, along with an in-kind lighting and grip package from William F. White of $10,000 for a prize worth a grand total of $40,000! 

Short Film Face Off is produced at CBC Halifax.