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Community speaks out in support of amateur weather man

Cape Bretoners are speaking out in support of the Nova Scotia island's most famous online amateur weather man.

Frankie MacDonald's fame keeps growing and his fans are behind him

Frankie MacDonald reaction

9 years ago
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Frankie MacDonald's story has been shared thousands of times since it first aired.

Cape Bretoners are speaking out in support of the island's most famous online amateur weather man.

CBC News first aired a story about Frankie MacDonald on Monday night, it has been shared more than 5,000 times.

The forecaster from Sydney, who is autistic, said he's happy that so many people support him.

The comments on CBC's website have been overwhelmingly in favour of Frankie's unique take on the weather and now people in the community are speaking out against those who have made rude comments about Frankie.

The CBC's Gary Mansfield has more.