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Community raises money for deceased diver's family

A growing number of strangers and friends are fundraising to help the wife and seven children of Wayne MacInnis, who died diving Saturday.

Community fundraises for diver's family


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Friends and strangers have raised more than $1,500 for a deceased diver's family. 2:01

A growing number of friends and strangers are fundraising to help the wife and seven children of Wayne MacInnis, who died scuba diving Saturday.

Wayne MacInnis, 36, of Dartmouth died while diving with a group in Birchy Head near Hubbards. MacInnis always wanted to scuba dive and started the new hobby just a few of months ago.

Wayne MacInnis, 36, of Dartmouth, was new to diving but has always wanted to try it (CBC)


"He loved doing family things, he was just a great guy altogether,' said his wife Lisa Goodall.

MacInnis' youngest child is ten-month-old Shay Lynn.

"That's all she says is Da-Da.That was his baby. Every morning before he would go to work she would wake up at six o'clock and he would give her a kiss," said Goodall.

Now there are a few fundraising efforts around the city trying to assist his family.

Lisa Goodall says her late husband loved life (CBC)


The company where MacInnis worked for the last two years has a jar on display in their main office. So far Macinnis' co-workers at Quality Blasting and Coating have raised  $320, and the company said it will match all the donations.

Facebook is another spot where people are helping the family.

Wayne MacInnis pictured in a family photo died over the weekend (Courtesy of family)


Close to one 100 members, many of them divers, have donated to the Wayne MacInnis Memorial Fund. In just two days, the group has raised more than $1000.

Besides strangers, Lisa Goodall said she's also receiving support from her family and friends in her Dartmouth neighborhood.

She said she needs that help as she continues to arrange MacInnis' funeral in West Chezzetcook Tuesday.