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Community mailbox in Lower Sackville drenches mail, says resident

A Lower Sackville woman says she's had numerous problems, and five different locks, since Canada Post installed new community mailboxes last year.

Darla Preeper says her mailbox has had 5 different locks in the past year

Lower Sackville resident Darla Preeper says even after attempting to dry her mail for hours, it still was dripping wet. (Paul Palmeter/CBC)

The wet weather over the last few days may have been too much for a Canada Post community mailbox in Lower Sackville, N.S.

Darla Preeper says her mail — which included her voter information card — was drenched when she picked it up Friday afternoon.

"It was a flood. It was an actual flood in there," she said.

Preeper says she placed the envelopes on the floor of her car to try and dry them off. 

Even after several hours, her water bill dripped when she attempted to wring it out.

"It's a very big deal to me," said Preeper.

"I have a sister with a critical illness and I control every part of her life. I get very essential mail for her and this would be a disaster if one of her pieces were in this today."

Preeper says she had several problems since the community mailboxes were installed about a year ago at the corner of Hillside Avenue and Sackville Drive. 

Now she wants to know how her mailbox became filled with water.

5 different locks

She believes the problem is her lock and says the new system just isn't up to par.

"This is probably my fifth lock," said Preeper. "Last winter it was frozen and I couldn't get into it as often as I could get into it. So this is by far not a first issue."

In an email, a Canada Post spokesperson said it's important for Preeper to file a complaint so they can officially launch an investigation.

Preeper says she does plan to complain, again. But she isn't hopeful that she'll get the answers she's looking for.

"If I ran my business in that way, I'd be out of business," she said.

"This is not a service. I don't know what you call it any longer, but it's not a service. It's unacceptable and there's no excuse for it."


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