Nova Scotia

Coloured lobster turning heads at Bedford pound

Five colourful lobsters have arrived at a pound in Bedford. They range in colour from blue, green and orange.

Five lobsters range in colour from emerald green to orange

Bedford is the new home for some funky looking lobster.

The Fishermen's Market lobster pound on the Bedford Highway recently took in five lobsters that are now being called the "rainbow lobsters."

The five crustaceans are unique because of their colour. Two of them are orange, one is blue, one is a very bright green and another a blue-green mix.

"They came in to us on one of our trucks on Wednesday night," said Chris Field, co-manager at Fishermen's Market. "Our grading crew downstairs in the lobster room, as they were grading them, they came across the five of them."

The rainbow five came to the lobster pound from two different parts of the province. Two of them were caught in waters off southwestern Nova Scotia while the other three were caught in the Canso area.

"I have never seen a green one, not that shade of green," said Field. "Most of the lobster are a green-brown color, but emerald green, no."

These funky coloured lobster are starting to cause quite a stir.

"I hope they avoid the pot," said Elizabeth Dennis. "I think it would be a real shame to have them get cooked."

The market said as long as the lobster keep their colour, they'll be kept at the pound for display purposes.

Lobster often change colour when they molt and it is likely the rainbow lobster will go back to their normal shade. If that happens, they'll be treated like any other lobster at the pound. That means the lobsters will move from the display tank to the dinner table.