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Cold weather tips on surviving the frigid winter in Halifax

It's the coldest day of the season so far. It was about –12 C on Tuesday in Halifax, but feels like –23 C.

8 Haligonians explain how they brave the gripping cold

Tuesday was the coldest day of the season so far, according to CBC meteorologist Peter Coade. It was about –12 C in Halifax, but felt like –23 C.

Here's some advice on how to keep warm, from people around the city:

1. Layer up

Ken Lane says he'll only skate about 20 to 25 minutes when it's this cold. (CBC)

"Lots of layers, snowpants and a windbreaker and a balaklava. You have to stay warm and don't stay out for very long," said Ken Lane, a morning skater on the Oval.

2. Face coverings are key

Aaron Outhwait was out for a morning run when his beard froze. (CBC)

Aaron Outhwait was jogging with frost in his beard when he was stopped by a CBC reporter.

"As soon as you stop running the frost sort of starts with the wind," said Outhwait. "I should have covered my face."

3. Don't leave your bed if you don't have to

Erik Piercy says the cold is making him sick. (CBC)

"To school, back home and then back to bed," said Erik Piercey as he was heading to school.

4. Warm beverages

Amy Braye isn't complaining about the cold. (CBC)

"Cup of warm tea in my bag, nice warm ferry. I'll change my mind by the time I get up the hill, but for now I'm good," said Amy Braye, a ferry user.

5. Check the weather before leaving home

Aaron Sample said he always checks the weather before leaving his house. (CBC)

"I checked it just before going out and I put on my long johns just as I was leaving so it's nice and warm," said Aaron Sample.

6. Move around a lot

DJ Goguen loves helping people cross the street, even if it's frigid. (CBC)

"Keep moving back and forth as much as you can. That's all I can say, hope for the best. Oh it's cold out here. But it's nice though, that we're here for the kids and everybody else," said DJ Goguen, a crosswalk guard.

7. Keep calm and carry on

Dan O'Neil was bundled up while walking his dog, who also donned a coat. (CBC)

Dan O'Neil isn't one to complain.

"This isn't the worse day I've had. This is actually very pleasant," he said.

A positive attitude for a man who has to get out at least once a day, no matter the weather, to walk his dog.

"They have to go to the bathroom every day so you don't get [a break.] That would be nice though, but no." 

8. Make sure both man and beast are bundled up

Phyllis the dog wasn't keen on the -12 C cold. (CBC)

It was a little too cold for Phyllis the dog, says her owner Chris Keith.

"I've got to get her a sweater. I've got to get her booties I think."


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