Nova Scotia

Colchester Food Bank seeks $950K to replace building

The Colchester Food Bank in Truro N.S. needs a new home, and it's asking the community to help raise the $950,000 needed build it.

'Our client base never gets smaller, it always get larger'

The Colchester Food Bank building on Lorne Street was torn down when it became too old and costly to repair. (CBC)

The Colchester Food Bank in Truro, N.S., needs a new home, and it's asking the community to help raise the $950,000 needed to build it.

Last December, the food bank's former home on Lorne Street was torn down because it was too old and too costly to repair. The Town of Truro has sold the food bank the land for $1 and the organization hopes to rebuild at that location. 

In the meantime, the town has provided the agency with a temporary home on Esplanade Street in downtown Truro.

The new building the group wants to build won't be "fancy," said Beverly Dolter, chairwoman of the food bank's building committee.

There will be a warehouse in the back and offices in the front, she said. The building must be large due to the expanding needs of the food bank's clients.

'Hope not hunger'

"Our client base never gets smaller, it always get larger," she said. 

"It needs to be able to support our large fridge and freezers. We have our own farms around that are very, very good to us, especially in the fall of the year we get quite a bit of fresh produce and we have to be able to keep that, have it keep, so we can then give it to our clients."

The new wheelchair-accessible building will be approximately 6,000 square feet.

"It will be warmer, it will be safer, it will give us the ability to be able to serve our clients with dignity," Dolter said. "That's pretty important when your model is hope not hunger."

Last year, the food bank served 21,763 people. Some are regular monthly clients and others only needed help once.

'A lot of people who are struggling'

Truro Mayor Bill Mills said the food bank provides a vital service for many families in Truro and Colchester County.

"So, it's a big deal and certainly one of those agencies in the Town of Truro that people have come to depend on," Mills said.

"We wish there were fewer because that means that we have a lot of people who are struggling."

Recently, the town also gave the food bank a one-time grant of $23,000 to kick off its fundraising efforts for the new building. Farm Credit Canada has also given it $15,000.

The non-profit agency receives no government funding for its day-to-day operations and relies on the community for donations.

The food bank hopes to have the new building completed in 2017.