Nova Scotia

CBU tuition increases by 3%

Cape Breton University's board of governors approved a three per cent tuition hike in the Nova Scotia institution's budget this week.

Cape Breton University's Board of Governors approved a three per cent tuition hike in its budget this week.

Billy Crowley, president of the CBU student's union, said the tuition increase is bad news for students and potential students.

"The goal of our institution has to be to make education accessible to each and every student that wants to go to university," he said Monday.

"When you increase tuition, you're already starting to limit that window. When you increase tuition that means that less students are going to be able to afford to go to any universities," said Crowley.

The provincial government is cutting all university operating grants by four per cent.

Crowley said even so, CBU should find ways to cover the costs without increasing tuition. 

"We're extremely disappointed by the lack of attention the government gives to what they call the future. They will often say that university students, college students and high school graduates are of course the future of our country, and yet Nova Scotia has some of  the highest tuition in all of Canada," Crowley said.