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Catherine Campbell murder trial shown video of green bin dragged from apartment

The Crown has alleged that after Catherine Campbell was killed, Christopher Garnier put her in a green bin used for compost and dumped her body several blocks away under the Macdonald Bridge.

Off-duty police officer's body found Sept. 14, 2015, under Halifax's Macdonald Bridge

Christopher Garnier is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Truro police officer Catherine Campbell. Campbell's body was found in September 2015. (CBC)

The jury in the murder trial of Christopher Garnier has been shown security video of a man dragging a green bin away from the Halifax apartment where prosecutors say Catherine Campbell was strangled.

The Crown has alleged that after Campbell was killed, Garnier put her in a green bin used for compost and dumped her body several blocks away under the Macdonald Bridge, where she was discovered days later.

Although Justice Josh Arnold is presiding over the trial, a jury will deliver the verdict. (Vincent Walsh)

Garnier is on trial in Nova Scotia Supreme Court for second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body. He is accused of killing Campbell, a Truro, N.S., police officer who was off-duty at time, in September 2015.

He has pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Testimony has ended for the week, and the trial resumes Monday.

Garnier's trial is taking place in Nova Scotia Supreme Court. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

Ghostly figure seen in footage

The video, which was played in court Thursday, is from Soma Vein and Laser Clinic on Agricola Street. The business' parking lot adjoins the apartment on McCully Street where the Crown says Campbell was murdered.

On four occasions a ghostly image can be seen in the backyard of the apartment.

In the first image, a white figure appearing to wear shorts and a T-shirt walks up the driveway to Agricola Street. A short time later, the figure returns, dragging a green bin behind him.

It is difficult to make out exactly what is happening in the darkness, but RCMP Sgt. Charla Keddy testified the same ghostly figure can be seen dragging a large white object, which she said was a mattress.

RCMP Sgt. Charla Keddy told the court what she found on a surveillance video across from the apartment in which the Crown alleges Garnier killed Campbell. (Vincent Walsh)

The officer pointed out the object draped over the top of the green bin, and then it's moved.

Eventually, the white figure is seen pulling the green bin up the driveway in the direction of Agricola Street. A second, closer camera angle clearly shows the man dragging the green bin.

Suspected blood found

Earlier Thursday, a Halifax police testified he found what he suspected were blood droplets in the den and a bathroom sink of the McCully Street home.

Det. Const. Marshall Hewitt told a Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury he took dozens of photos of the apartment after police obtained a search warrant.

Taxi driver Simon Zakarias, a Crown witness, described picking up a couple from the Alehouse on the night Garnier and Campbell are alleged to have met there. (Vincent Walsh)

The jury also heard testimony from taxi driver Simon Zakarias, who said he picked up a man and a woman after they flagged him down on Sackville Street in Halifax.

It wasn't established during his testimony that it was Garnier and Campbell. But the jury has heard testimony and seen surveillance footage showing Garnier and Campbell embracing earlier at a nearby bar and leaving together.

Neither person appeared impaired when they were in his cab, Zakarias said. They weren't fighting, he testified, but he sensed there was tension, although he couldn't hear what the pair were saying. He drove them to an apartment on McCully Street.

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