Nova Scotia

Cat ferry to arrive in Yarmouth harbour Saturday evening

The Cat ferry will arrive in Yarmouth Saturday evening for "route proofing" exercises.

Official ferry service is set to begin June 15 and run until the end of September

Bay Ferries has asked a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge to dismiss a request by the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives to overturn a freedom of information ruling to keep its management fees from being released. (Bay Ferries Ltd.)

People in Yarmouth will be able to get their first look at the new Cat ferry Saturday evening.

The vessel, which will provide high-speed service between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland, Maine is expected to arrive in the harbour sometime after 7 p.m.

​According to Bay Ferries Limited, the vessel will be moving in and out of the port for "route proofing" throughout the day on Sunday, before heading to Portland at 11 p.m.

Mark MacDonald, president and CEO of Bay Ferries Ltd. says the ship will be seen moving between Portland and Yarmouth throughout the coming days as the ferry prepares to meet customers.

"What people can expect to see generally on both sides over the next week or so is a lot of in and out movement of the ship, movement of the ship in and around the port, which is necessitated by us doing crew training regulatory exercises and so on," he said.

Rick Wilson, with Bay Ferries Ltd. says some of the proofing has to happen when it's dark so Yarmouth can expect the vessel to be operating during overnight hours as well.

The Cat ferry recently completed a series of successful sea trials in North Carolina.

Official service is set to begin June 15 and run until the end of September.