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Carsten Knox is a writer, editor and broadcaster who helps produce CBC Nova Scotia's current affairs radio shows, including Information Morning and Mainstreet. For story ideas contact me at

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Rules around cannabis edibles need to be set, says industry expert

As Canada prepares to legalize edible products containing cannabis, a market research expert says it's important for regulators to get the rules around the packaging and dosages of edibles set as quickly as possible.

Life-jackets still the best way to prevent drownings, says lifeguard group

In the past three weeks, three people died in boating accidents in the Maritimes while wearing life-jackets. The Lifesaving Society says wearing life-jackets is the best option to stay safe on the water.

It's tougher to make it as a Nova Scotia musician in the streaming era

While streaming is a way for artists to get their music to the masses, the live show is what musicians are relying on to earn an income.
Waves of Change

How Mason jars are making one Halifax restaurant more eco-friendly

The question of how to reduce waste and save money at the Halifax restaurant Adam McIntyre runs and make it more eco-friendly was one he couldn't answer. So he sought some help.
Waves of Change

Why those teeny bottles of hotel shampoo might become obsolete

Hotels are switching to bulk dispensers, but some guests are resisting the change.
waves of change

What are restaurants doing to cut down on single-use plastics?

Halifax restaurateur Bill Pratt and others in the food business are trying to meet the demands of customers who want eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.

How a high school is using glass shards to remember the Halifax Explosion

Some students at a Bedford, N.S., high school are using glass shards as a way of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.

Century-old wooden barrels unearthed on Sable Island

An estimated two dozen, century-old barrels leaking a tar-like substance have been found lodged in a sand dune on Sable Island.

How do you rescue a porcupine with 2 holes in her head? Very carefully

When a worried motorist stopped to help a wounded porcupine in Debert, N.S., last weekend, the animal was so weak it fell over when approached.

Nova Scotia pinball wizard heading to Dallas championship

Andrew Harper is expected to fly Wednesday to Dallas to compete in the International Flipper Pinball Association's U.S. National Pinball Championships.

Librarian drops out as NDP candidate after online tiff with 'cocky' student

The NDP has lost its candidate for the electoral district of Bedford amid allegations Dan Trivett cyberbullied a student.

From scrap pieces of wood, metal and plastic to tiny, handcrafted slices of life

Damien Webb makes tiny things. That's how the artist describes his creative efforts; miniature dioramas constructed from bits of paper, wood, plastic, Styrofoam and metal.

2016 Rio Olympics results could inspire more Nova Scotia athletes

A man who organizes amateur sports in Nova Scotia thinks Canada's strong showing at the Olympic Games in Rio will have a positive trickle-down effect.

Ex-Acadia basketball player teaches next generation in Nova Scotia

A Nova Scotian basketball player who played professionally in Germany is sharing her story with a new generation of hoop dreamers this week.

Food donations at Feed Nova Scotia at critically low level

The cupboard is bare at Feed Nova Scotia. The provincial charity that supplies food to 147 agencies is at a crisis level with its supplies.