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Carolyn Ray is a videojournalist who has reported out of three provinces and two territories, and is now based in Halifax. You can reach her at

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Lung transplant cost almost ended her life, now she's home with new lungs

A Nova Scotian woman is celebrating her second chance at life after nearly choosing to die because of money. Natalie Jarvis received a double lung transplant in April.

How light will change the way surgeons work at Dartmouth General

The new windows in operating rooms at the Dartmouth General Hospital might seem simple, but they're an unconventional addition in spaces that are typically isolated.

Dalhousie medical school adds 16 seats specifically for N.S. students

The Nova Scotia government is funding the creation of 16 seats at Dalhousie University's medical school specifically for students from the province. Four of the seats will be in place for the coming school year. The remaining 12 will be added next year. 

Most child car seats not installed properly, says IWK safety expert

A car seat safety expert says that while most people think they're installing the seats properly in their vehicles, most aren't, and the people who need the most help are newcomers coming from cultures where car seats aren't commonly used.

'Just panicking': Parking lot traffic delays ambulance's arrival at Dartmouth ER

A Dartmouth, N.S., woman is furious after an ambulance carrying her grandmother in the midst of a medical crisis was stalled arriving to the Dartmouth General Hospital on Thursday because it couldn't get into its parking lot.

This man has never missed a day of work in 36 years — and he's surrounded by germs

Meet Mike Turner, also known as Ironman. Not even a kidney stone could stop him from coming to work. In 36 years, he's never called in sick.

ER doctor, students invent device for common hospital complaint: rings stuck on fingers

Some engineering students and an emergency department physician in Dartmouth, N.S., have invented a way to safely remove rings from swollen fingers without damage. They're hopeful Ring Rescue will be a common tool in hospitals.

Seniors group unhappy with proposed Halifax Transit fee hikes

The head of a Nova Scotia seniors group says he's blindsided by a proposal from Halifax Transit to eliminate the reduced rate seniors pay and have them be charged the full adult rate.

Great white shark's visit near Halifax harbour causes a stir

A great white shark that swam by Halifax harbour Tuesday morning is likely long gone as she follows her next meal, according to the head of the Ocean Tracking Network.

Anesthesiologist heading to Yarmouth, but start date is unknown

The Nova Scotia Health Authority says an anesthesiologist has been found to work at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital, and a Band-Aid solution that provides coverage has been extended in the meantime.

Is the doctor shortage stalling the Me Too movement in the medical field?

An independent review in Nova Scotia of how sexual misconduct complaints against doctors are handled shows that patients may be too scared to come forward with their concerns because of the doctor shortage.

Doctors Nova Scotia tackles physician recruitment with new fund

Doctors Nova Scotia has created a new grant that will help more physicians get involved in the costly recruitment process.

Why 2 U.K. family doctors are choosing to call Halifax home

A couple from London, both family doctors, are packing up their lives and moving their two young children to Nova Scotia at the end of August. They say it's appealing to move to a place where family doctors are needed and appreciated.

New medical residents get 'amazing welcome' in northern Nova Scotia

While medical residents started work across the country on Tuesday, people in the Truro, N.S., area celebrated the arrival of a new cohort. They're the first to be hired in Nova Scotia's expanded residency program.
Reporter's Notebook

She came to Canada as a refugee from Syria at 17. Now she's a high school graduate

CBC Nova Scotia reporter Carolyn Ray reflects on the changes a young Syrian refugee and her family have undergone in the years since they landed in Canada.