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7 Cape Breton homes Americans fleeing Donald Trump can consider

You can buy piece of paradise, often for a fraction of the price of homes in big American cities.

A piece of paradise, often for a fraction of the price of homes in big American cities

If you're an American concerned about a Donald Trump presidency, Cape Breton has a deal for you. 

"Cape Breton if Donald Trump wins" started as a tongue-in-cheek campaign, the brainchild of radio DJ Rob Calabrese, but the idea caught on. Calabrese said he was flooded with serious inquiries from Americans looking to visit — or move to — the island. Realtors even saw a spike in interest in real estate for sale on the island.

Here are seven properties that could fit the bill for an American seeking to put some distance between themselves and Washington. 

1. Buy your own private island (or 4)

There are plenty of small islands along the Cape Breton shoreline, and for $1.1 million US (or $1.5 million Cdn), you can buy an 8.7-acre fortress of solitude.

Or buy four: a small chain of islands on Bras d'Or Lake is on the market for $694,000 US ($940,000 Cdn). 

2. An island retreat with a causeway

If you don't want to build your own island getaway, this one in Dundee is on the market for $443,000 US ($599,500 Cdn). The 10-acre winterized home has its own naturally made causeway, the owners say. 

3. Run your own country inn

The owners of the Lynwood Inn in Baddeck are looking for a buyer. The hotel has more than 30 rooms, with a $1.9 million US price tag ($2.6 million Cdn). 

4. Really get away from it all

This modern oceanside retreat near the northern tip of Cape Breton is on the market for $258,000 US ($349,000 Cdn).

5. Get very high above it all

This four-bedroom home is perched on a ridge 110 metres above the ocean below and is on the market for $1.1 million US ($1.5 million Cdn). Included is a guesthouse for friends who come knocking. 

6. If you prefer the golf course 

There's this $365,000 US ($495,000 Cdn) home in Inverness, a short drive to the Cabot Links Golf Course. Ocean views included, of course. 

7. Live on a rugged beach

This secluded home facing Margaree Island has plenty of ocean views and few neighbours. It has a price tag of $645,100 US ($879,000 Cdn). 


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