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Cape Breton if Trump Wins website gears up for 2020 election

Cape Breton is once again trying to attract Americans if U.S. President Donald Trump wins again in 2020.

Website has received thousands of inquiries about moving to Canada since 2016

The fall colours in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The website highlights the island's scenery, climate and the affordable housing market on the island. (Elizabeth McMillan/CBC)

Cape Breton is once again trying to attract Americans if U.S. President Donald Trump wins again in 2020.

The website Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins has been online since the last presidential election campaign in 2016.

The website highlights the diverse culture of Cape Bretoners, the beautiful scenery, climate and the affordable housing market on the island.

Rob Calabrese, who runs the site, said he still receives messages from Americans looking to live north of the border, and he's updated the site for the upcoming presidential election.

"People's fears have been realized," said Calabrese. "It's just a very small matter for me to make a couple of changes for it to keep going, so I did that just in case more attention went on it."

Rob Calabrese, of the Giant 101.9 radio station and creator of, responds to questions from CNN reporter Paula Newton during an election piece for her news organization in Sydney, N.S., in 2016. (Vaughan Merchant/The Canadian Press)

Since 2016, the website has received thousands of inquiries on moving to Cape Breton since 2016.

Calabrese said when speaking to Americans interested in moving to Cape Breton, he warns them of the difficulty in moving here and then wishes them luck "because that's all I legally can do."

He said he's not qualified to give advice on what's involved in moving here.

Sally Park Rubin is an American who lives in California. She saw an ad in 2016 promoting people move to Cape Breton if Trump was elected and shared it on social media.

'The country is pretty divided'

Park Rubin said some people in the United States are considering moving if Trump is re-elected in 2020.

"The country is pretty divided to be honest. There are people who absolutely adore him and for the life of me, I can't understand it," said Park Rubin.

She said her family doesn't really like the cold weather, but moving to Canada is something they're thinking about if a new president isn't elected.

"We talk about it pretty much every night at dinner," said Park Rubin.



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