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Flooding, high winds closes roads across Nova Scotia

A number of roads in Nova Scotia are closed after record-setting rainfall on Monday. Cape Breton was hardest-hit by the rain.

As of Tuesday morning, a record 225 millimetres of rain fell in Sydney

Vehicles were abandoned around Sydney after about 225 millimetres of rain fell Monday. (Brett Ruskin/CBC)

A number of roads in Nova Scotia are closed after a record-setting rainfall on Monday, and police are warning people to stay off the roads.

But Cape Breton Regional Police are concerned some drivers are ignoring barricades on hazardous roads.  

"We have people who are going around the barricades and getting themselves into trouble," said Chief Peter McIsaac. "It's interfering with the public works crews who are trying to get infrastructure back in shape." 

Police said people ignoring those barricades could face a fine.

McIsaac said people should only be using the roads if it's an emergency. 

The Department of Transportation said the following roads are closed:

Cape Breton County 

  • MacKeigan Road, Marion Bridge
  • Brickyard Road
  • Route 255 Dearns Corner to Port Morien
  • Marconi Towers Road
  • Beechmont Road 
  • Coxheath Road near Burton Drive
  • Route 216 at Benacadie Pond
  • New Boston Road

Inverness County

  •  Crandall Road, Port Hawkesbury
  •  Southside River Denys Road

Richmond County

  •  Little Passage Road, Arichat
  •  Grand River Falls Road, Loch Lomond

Victoria County ​

  • Barra Glen, Iona
  • Gillis Point Road between Washabuck and Iona

​Guysborough County

  • New Harbour-Lundy Road
  • Starks Road off Fox Island Road

Antigonish County

  • Cloverville Road between Walsh Post and South Lakevale Road
  • MacMaster Road near civic 212
  • West Side Lochaber

Cape Breton police issued a second list of road closures:

  • Cabot Street
  • Royal Avenue
  • St. Peters Road
  • Union Street
  • Weidner Drive
  • Kings Road near Weidner Drive
  • North end of Charlotte Street
  • North end of George Street 
  • Interval Road
  • Salmon River Road
  • Bourinot Road
  • Frenchvale to Eskasoni Highway
  • ​Trout Brook Road near Trunk 22
  • ​Hornes Road

​The province is warning many shoulders along roads have washed away and there are many trees down due to high winds and rain.

As of Tuesday morning, a record 225 millimetres of rain fell in Sydney. That beat the previous daily rainfall record set on Aug. 17, 1981 of 128.8 millimetres.