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Cape Breton drive-in to host concert later this month

Local musicians will hit the stage later this month at a drive-in theatre in Sydney, N.S.

'It's Cape Breton so, you know, you build it and they will come'

Cape Breton musicians will be able to perform at a drive-in theatre later this month. (Brent Kelloway/CBC)

The Cape Breton Drive-In Theatre in Sydney, N.S., will hold a concert for the first time later this month.

With the theatre opening last month due to eased COVID-19 restrictions, Jerry Holland Jr. saw a unique opportunity to give the local music industry a boost.

Holland is with Sociable Entertainment, which books many musical performances in Cape Breton. He said he has been working since April to create an event where local musicians could perform.

"We started this as a community helping community, trying to get the music back on the go, get the musicians back on stage, and give people some entertainment while some of these restrictions are being lifted," said Holland.

Local musicians Dylan Devoe, Colette Deveaux and Jordan Musycsyn are scheduled to perform at the show set for July 23. Local band Pretty Archie will be the headliner.

A stage will be set up where the music will be performed. It will be shown on the big screen with audio through the car radio.

Jordan Musycsyn is one of the performers on the bill for the July 23 show. (Jordan Musycsyn)

Holland said it is something new and exciting.

"We've got to go with the flow and make it happen," Holland said. "It's Cape Breton so, you know, you build it and they will come."

The event is being limited to 200 tickets to allow for physical distancing. There will be room for people to stand outside of their vehicles if they choose.

Brian Cathcart, a member of Pretty Archie, said the band has only performed together once since March and that was online.

Pretty Archie had many shows booked this summer that were cancelled. He said they are excited about this opportunity.

"It's nice to see us doing stuff with our local guys, too," Cathcart said. "it's good to show off what we have at home."


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