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Cape Breton boys create own weekly online news program

As two Cape Breton brothers remain at home from school during the COVID-19 pandemic, they're still getting an education through an online newscast they're making.

The Sakalauskas brothers from Sydney River have teamed up with their dad to report the news

Lucas and Liam pose in front of their green screen. (Herbie Sakalauskas)

Two Cape Breton boys are busting their boredom by making online newscasts.

Last Friday, Liam Sakalauskas, 11, and Lucas Sakalauskas, 9, of Sydney River, launched the first of what they hope will be weekly Friday newscasts on their YouTube channel.

On their first newscast, dramatic music played as Liam greeted his audience from behind a desk to talk about COVID-19, while Lucas joined in to talk weather and science, playing the role of both meteorologist and science reporter. A graphic reading "East Coast Kids News" flashed on the screen.

The idea came in part from their dad, Herbie Sakalauskas, who is the video production specialist at Cape Breton University.

"It was excellent for them to get some learning and get back to a bit of a routine after March Break," Herbie Sakalauskas told CBC's Information Morning Cape Breton.

Students in Nova Scotia originally had their March Breaks extended by two weeks because of COVID-19. However, on Monday the province announced schools won't reopen until at least May 4.

The boys were involved in all stages of video production, from research to setting up a green screen. They even used a teleprompter app to read the script.

"It's awesome for me to see because I'm bringing my everyday world into their world and it's really cool to see," said Herbie.

The brothers also like working with their dad.

"Our dad is such an amazing dad, we're so glad that he can do that," said Liam.

The video has been getting a lot of traction from friends and family, much to the delight of the boys.

"Our music teacher, she saw it and she asked me if she could post it and then a bunch of our family has seen it and they've been commenting, lots of nice things," said Lucas.



Brittany Wentzell

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