Nova Scotia

Cape Breton animal shelter serves SPCA director legal notice

The Cape Breton Humane Society served legal notice Tuesday to Kristin Williams, the executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA legal notice that she is not permitted to access the animal shelter in Sydney.

Both sides in the fight over a Sydney animal shelter have served each other legal papers as the Cape Breton Humane Society Tuesday served Kristin Williams, the executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA with notice that she is not permitted to access the shelter.

"Yes I have been served with a protection of property notice which means that I, in their mind [am] not permitted to access the facility," Williams said Tuesday afternoon.

"This is obviously continuing to be a frustrated (sic) position to be in; the shelter is currently being occupied by certain individuals who have no legal authority to be there," she added.

The SPCA sent a warning letter to the newly formed Cape Breton Humane Society on Monday, saying personnel have until noon Wednesday to leave the animal shelter in Sydney.

"We've outlined not only our authority under the Animal Protection Act but also under the Protection of Property Act," said  Williams Tuesday morning.

She said it's unlikely now that either side will take action by the deadline tomorrow

She said she expects the matter will have to be settled in court.