Nova Scotia

Cape Breton 'angels' contact couple they rescued

The search for two mystery men who rescued a Cape Breton couple after a nearly fatal fall appears at an end.
The Cape Breton couple has set up a Facebook group to find their rescuers.

The search for two mystery men who rescued a Cape Breton couple after a nearly fatal fall appears to have succeeded.

David Buchanan and Alounda MacKinnon were hiking in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park on Oct. 21 when Buchanan posed for a photograph at Mary Ann Falls.

He lost his footing and fell six metres, smashing his head on a rock and ending up in the pool under the falls. MacKinnon jumped in after him and pulled him to shore, but couldn't get him out of the water.

She began screaming for help, fearing they'd die of hypothermia as night fell.

But two men appeared and carried them to safety.

The couple set up a Facebook page and spoke to the CBC Tuesday in an effort to find the men to thank them.

It seems to have worked. A commenter wrote on the CBC website that the men had read the story.

Prefer to remain anonymous

"We can tell you for sure that your 'Two of God's Angels' have read your article and are very glad to hear that you are doing well," wrote Wishinguwell.

"They are not comfortable with you knowing who they are and do not want any thank you's or media attention.  Please take comfort in knowing that they would do it again in a minute and are very happy to know that things are working out for you!"

Buchanan was also in touch with the men through email. He said that was good enough for him.

"No interviews, none of that stuff. Whomever wrote this, anonymous it was. They don't want to do none of this stuff. They were just glad they could help and they would do it again in a heartbeat for someone else," Buchanan said Wednesday.

"They're private folks. They live a quiet life and they'd like to keep it that way and I don’t have a problem with that. I'm just glad we found them and I'm going to send them an email later today to thank them."

MacKinnon also asked for privacy now as Buchanan continues to heal.