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CanJet, Halifax-based airline, to suspend flight operations indefinitely

CanJet, a Halifax-based charter airline, will be suspending flight operations effective today, the company's president says.

Company president Stephen Rowe says company will explore new financial plan options

CanJet's president, Stephen Rowe, says the company will be suspending flight operations effective immediately. (CanJet Airlines)

CanJet, a Halifax-based charter airline, will be suspending flight operations effective immediately, the company's president told CBC News. 

Stephen Rowe, president of CanJet Airlines, says that the company has decided to take a step back to determine if they want to move forward with a different financial plan that may or may not include more planes. 

He says the company will continue to run, but will explore business options as they become available.

The airline, a subsidiary of Halifax-based IMP Group International Inc, had a single Boeing 737 left in their charter fleet that will now be managed by Air Transat, according to Rowe.

Several years ago, CanJet began a contract to offer charter flights on behalf of Transat Tours Canada which was not renewed in April 2014. 

In May, the company laid off 47 pilots and 68 permanent and seasonal flight attendants.

Lesley Swann, spokesperson for CUPE Local 4044 — the union representing CanJet workers — says 35 flight attendants have now been laid off. 

"CUPE Local 4044 and its members are in shock today," Swann said.

"CUPE has already inquired about a severance package for the members. We are looking into any legal avenues we may have. Right now we are focussing on assisting our members anyway we can during this difficult time."

Formed in 1999, CanJet had 10 planes in its fleet at the height of its operations, servicing 15 cities in Canada and the U.S. After a merger with Canada3000 in May 2001, the CanJet brand was relaunched in 2002. 


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