Nova Scotia

Candy Palmater opens up about being Candy

CBC's Mainstreet gets up close and personal with Candy Palmater, the Mi'kmaq comedian, recovered lawyer and successful broadcaster.

Palmeter talks in detail with CBC Mainstreet about her life and The Break by Katherena Vermette

Bob Murphy had a lengthy discussion with Candy Palmater at the Halifax Central Library recently. (Chantal Bernard/CBC)

Candy Palmater once described herself as "a gay, Native, recovered-lawyer-turned-feminist-comic who was raised by bikers in the wilds of northern New Brunswick."

She lived in Halifax for almost three decades, where she studied law, worked as a lawyer and for the Nova Scotia government, recorded a TV show for APTN and claims to have unionized a Tim Hortons.

Palmeter will be a panelist in this year's Canada Reads competition and when she came to Halifax to talk about the book she's championing — The Break by Katherena Vermette — Mainstreet saw an opportunity to get past promotional blurbs and get to know her better.

Here's Bob Murphy's interview with her, recorded last week at the Halifax Central Library.