Canada election 2015: Nova Scotia's ridings, candidates and races

As campaigns heat up in Nova Scotia's 11 federal ridings, the CBC's Amy Smith spoke with political scientists to put the races into perspective.

Election date is Oct. 19

Nova Scotia has 11 federal ridings. (Elections Canada)

Nova Scotians have a choice to make as the Oct. 19 election date approaches — who will be sent to the House of Commons to represent the people of the province?

As campaigns heat up in the province's 11 federal ridings, the CBC's Amy Smith spoke with political scientists to put the races into perspective.

Here is what's at stake for each one:

  • Cape Breton-Canso: Why this seat is considered one of the safest for the Liberals.
  • Central Nova: Are Peter MacKay's coat tails long enough for the Conservatives to hold onto his former seat?
  • Cumberland-Colchester: Meet the former teammates — and now rivals — who are squaring off in the race to win this riding.
  • Dartmouth-Cole Harbour: Why voters in this riding could be in for another squeaker of a race.
  • Halifax: A political scientist says he'll put all his money on a single candidate.
  • Halifax West: The prediction is this race will be a "cakewalk" for one candidate. Find out why.
  • Kings-Hants: Why one observer thinks the outcome in this riding has more to do with the candidate than the party he represents.
  • ​Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook: The most election drama coming from the riding may have already happened.
  • South Shore-St. Margarets: Why the riding's boundary changes might hurt the Conservatives.
  • Sydney-Victoria: Why one observer says the Conservatives and New Democrats have a mountain to climb in this riding.
  • West Nova: Find out how this bellwether has swung in the past.


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