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Lunenburg councillor who objected to town's private meetings resigns

The Lunenburg politician who took a stand against closed-door meetings has resigned after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

'I have to step away from that for a while and just focus on myself'

Brian Davis said he needs to step away from council and focus on healing after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. (CBC)

The Lunenburg town councillor who took a stand against closed-door meetings has resigned after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Brian Davis officially resigned his position on Lunenburg council Tuesday after receiving a positive diagnosis for chronic Lyme disease. 

Davis, who has been known to challenge council decisions on things like holding private, in-camera meetings, opted to hand in his resignation hours before the weekly council meeting.

"If I went there, my nature is to challenge things that I don't feel is right. You know, I have to step away from that for a while and just focus on myself."

Rocky time on council

Back in February Davis was removed from sitting on all council committees after he raised questions about what he thought was the council's lack of public transparency. At the time, Lunenburg mayor Rachel Bailey said Davis had lost the confidence of his fellow councillors. She declined to give any examples of any conduct by Davis that led to that decision.  

In March he was reinstated to two committees after consulting a lawyer.    

Davis said he took his elected position seriously and spent hours studying the Municipal Government Act and town bylaws. Seven months later, shaking the stress associated with the job as a councillor for the Town of Lunenburg has been difficult. 

"The big thing that they say right away, is that you have to be stress-free and make sure that you're sleeping really well and those are two things, for the last seven months, that I've been having trouble with," said Davis. 

The town's mayor did not return a message when called for reaction to Davis's resignation.

Health problems started months ago

The 69-year-old avid runner started having health concerns nine months ago. Davis was training for upcoming road races when something went terribly wrong. 

"I started falling a lot. I thought I was tripping over something. It just became more common and wasn't getting better," explained Davis. 

After tests were done to rule out any other problems, doctors began concentrating on treating what Davis describes as a serious condition.

"Just a few years ago I ran the Boston Marathon. Right now, I'm having trouble walking. That shows how serious it is. I'm going to get serious and put all my efforts into recovery," said Davis. 

'I love this town'

While he focuses on getting better, Davis hopes the next elected councillor will treat the job with the same passion.

"If there are things that are wrong, I just hope somebody's prepared to stand up, is all."

When asked if he would do it all over again, he said "In a heartbeat." 

"I just hope that everybody will understand my position. I just wish everything well. I live in this town. I love the town. It's a great town and want to keep it going that way."