Nova Scotia

Braemore abuse not a first, sister says

The alleged abuse of a resident at the Braemore Home was not a first, her sister said.

Mary MacNeil said Monday that it was her 60-year-old sister who was allegedly abused at Braemore Home in Sydney, and that the incident that came to light Saturday was not the first.

The Department of Community Services is looking into allegations a staff member slapped MacNeil's sister Paulette Nicholson, a 60-year-old resident of the home.

But MacNeil told the CBC her sister has often been hurt, with bruises on her thighs, swelling, or cuts.  On one occasion, Nicholson was found unconscious in a pool of blood.

"I would like to know why these injuries are occurring at the rate they are."

She  wants to know if the employee accused of slapping her sister was working when any of the unexplained injuries occurred:

The police will not reveal the extent of their investigation or when it will be concluded. The Department of Community Services, which licensed the Braemore Home, said it is co-operating with the police and doing its own investigation.