Nova Scotia

Box of puppies thrown out near Truro

A box of abandoned puppies was found in the Truro area this week.
A dozen newborn puppies were found abandoned in the Truro area this week. 2:02

A box of abandoned puppies was found in the Truro area of Nova Scotia this week.

A local woman rescued the 12 animals, but three have since died. The puppies are so young their eyes haven’t opened.

Arlene Travis is feeding them by bottle. They were about a day old when she found them.

"It's despicable," she said of how the animals were treated.

Animals often abandoned

Sandra Flemming of the SPCA said dumped puppies and cats are not unusual finds. Another litter of 10 puppies was recently found abandoned. They were dumped with their mother and so fared better. 

"These puppies were brought to us from a Good Samaritan who heard a noise behind a dumpster in Eastern Passage," she said.

Flemming said pets are also often left at the shelter when it’s closed. She said it’s much better for the animals if the mother is left with the puppies.

"It wouldn’t be often we would ever refuse a mother and newborn puppies," she said. "We would always make space."

The Truro puppies will be put up for adoption in about six weeks. Anyone interested in adopting them should contact the Labrador Rescue of Nova Scotia.