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Blair Sanderson is an award-winning nationally syndicated current affairs reporter for CBC Radio. He's based in Halifax, where he's worked for 10 years. Contact

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Before and After

Halifax, you've changed: 10 years of Google Street View

In 2009, Google Street view began taking 360º photos of nearly every street in Halifax. A decade later, those images are still available and show how dramatically the city has evolved.

Canadian currency evolves while the U.S. is stuck in the 1700s

Canada's new $10 bill went into circulation this week, featuring civil rights activist Viola Desmond and a new vertical configuration. But, unlike the U.S., Canadians are used to changes when it comes to currency.

Enjoy the barbecue, but avoid the burn

Barbecue season is in full swing. But before you fire up the grill, you may want to consider the mounting evidence that charred foods can be bad for your health.

Conflict is brewing in the craft beer industry thanks to 'virtual beer'

There's a controversy brewing in Canada's craft beer industry about the growing popularity "contract brewing." That's when an existing brewery rents out some of its space to another company to make a different brand of beer sold under a different label.

Slow and steady: marathon runners slower than ever before

The sport of running continues to grow in popularity across Canada. But when it comes running races, including marathons, completion times have slowed by 20 minutes over the past 20 years.

Avoiding cultural appropriation in the digital age

Love them or hate them, emojis are becoming an everyday method of communication for millions of people. But with the option to choose different skin tones, the public seems divided on whether it’s appropriate to choose a skin tone different from your own.

No more 'cheat sheets': Electronic logs for truckers mandatory by 2020

A major technological change is about hit the road for Canadian truck drivers. The federal government has announced it will require all commercial truck and bus drivers to install electronic logging devices in their vehicles by the year 2020.

Canada to launch new border security app that could go global

The federal government is embarking on a new pilot program that will allow people to cross borders faster if they create a digital profile filled with their personal information on their mobile devices.

Movember Canada trying to move beyond the moustache

The charity that was on thousands of men's lips just a few years ago now has a much lower profile but is still trying to advance men's health research.

Canada has its own 'Dreamers,' but no program to protect them

Halifax immigration lawyer Lee Cohen says Canadians should think twice about wagging their fingers at U.S. President Donald Trump when it comes to immigration policy.

Illegal drug users often skeptical of new 'Good Samaritan' law

The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act prevents police from charging people with minor drug crimes when they call 911 in the case of an overdose, but the new law is being met with hesitation on the streets.

Canada isn't getting a national bird after all

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society wanted the grey jay recognized as a national bird for Canada 150, but that isn't happening.

Why burning old Canadian flags is a proper way to 'retire' them

It's a popular time to buy a new Canadian flag. But many Canadians are unsure of what to do with older flags that are no longer fit to fly.

Would you like jail time with those fries? Spotting impaired drivers at the drive-thru

Halton, Ont., police are teaming up with 38 restaurants to better train staff on what do to when they suspect someone is driving under the influence.

Do you shower before swimming in public pools?

A survey on swimming hygiene found more than half of adult respondents "seldom or never shower before swimming" in a pool. That's a problem, say health experts, due to the menace of fecal matter and the spread of dangerous parasites.