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Blacksmiths gather in Cape Breton for CanIron X

Blacksmiths, metal enthusiasts, sculptors and artists are forging their way to Cape Breton for CanIron X this week.

International conference a chance to preserve craft, show off skills

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8 years ago
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International blacksmiths are gathering in Cape Breton to show off their skills

Blacksmiths, metal enthusiasts, sculptors and artists are forging their way to Cape Breton for CanIron X this week.

The international blacksmith conference in Baddeck is attracting people from around the world to come and show off their skills.

"We try to assemble the cream of the crop of blacksmiths around the world that have different styles and tastes from sculptors to practical blacksmiths," said organizer Grant Haverstock.

Teacher ​Uri Urihofi travelled from Israel for the gathering.

"There's magic in it," he said of the craft. "You take a piece of iron which is put it in the fire, take the hammer and create a form. You take something that's two dimension and make a volume out of it, which is beautiful."

His student, Zeevik Gottlibe, says it's a consuming passion.

"I am thinking about it and creating it 24 hours a day also when I go to sleep I dream about it. It's a big passion and I can't resist it," he said.

The blacksmiths gathered in Cape Breton say they want to hammer out a future and preserve the craft.

"If you can get people passionate about what you love to do and get them into what you do, it enriches everyone. So that for me is the number one goal," said Irish blacksmith Michael Budd.

The four-day event concludes on Sunday.