Nova Scotia

Black bear startles Halifax residents

A young black bear is causing concern for people living in Halifax this weekend.

A young bear is causing concern for people in a Halifax community this weekend.

Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources said it has received as many as 20 phone calls regarding a black bear spotted near Hammonds Plains Road.

Spokesman Dan Davis said it is a time of year when bears are on the move in the province and that his department does not plan to intervene.

He said people should take steps to avoid attracting the animals to their property.

"Things like having bird seed in the yard or having a barbeque that hasn't been cleaned  — those are the things that will attract a bear. Even a green bin might be a strong attraction for a bear as well," he said.

"You have to try to make sure those things are as clean as possible. Bears can become a nuisance if they're travelling through an area. You don't want them to find your yard and be attracted to staying there."

Davis also reminded the public that there has never been a recorded case of a black bear killing a person in Nova Scotia.