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Bedford woman claims items taken from luggage

A Bedford woman says she lost nearly $1,000 worth of items out of her luggage after a recent trip to Florida.
A Bedford woman says she had $800 worth of purchases go missing from her luggage. (CBC)
Tracy Sullivan says she will never check her bags again. (CBC)
A Bedford woman says about $800 worth of items disappeared from her luggage after a recent trip to Florida.

Tracy Sullivan said she travelled from Miami to her connection in Philadelphia. She said when she arrived in Halifax, her luggage hadn't made it.

She said when it was later delivered to her by the airport, she noticed two items — boots and a purse — she bought were missing.

"I was very angry, you just sort of feel like, who could've done this?"

She said the purse was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

"I think that it was stolen out of our bags when it went into the claims area in the back, where it's loaded," she told CBC News. "I'm speculating, but I think that the baggage handlers stole."

Sullivan didn't have travel insurance, but she has proof of her purchases, which she's provided to the airline.

A spokeswoman for US Airways said she'll get in touch with Sullivan to sort it out, she also said checking valuable goods is never a good idea.

Others in the travel industry agree that it's best to keep valuables with you when you travel.

"There's always a risk and insurance covers some of the losses," said Deanna Skinner, who's with Maritime Travel. "But if it's really valuable and you can keep it in your carry on I'd change my priorities about what's in my carry-on."

Sullivan said even if she had a suitcase with a lock, she doubts it would have helped.

"I think that they would just snap the lock off," she said. "They're going to get into your bag anyway they can, so I think that those little locks that they put on these bags are nothing for them to snap off."

She said she doesn't expect to get the lost items back, but she said she will never to check her baggage again.

"I will always, always take my bag on the plane, I will never put my luggage through baggage claim again."